sftp - problems with german characters (umlaute)


I'm using the latest sftp command line tool from the OpenSSHServer 3.0.2 package.

The problem is, it's not possible to create (valid) directories with german umlauts in the name (that can be used for rsync in a further step).

E.g.: sftp.exe -b "/cygdrive/C/Users/username/AppData/Local/Temp/~sftp.txt" -S "D:\Users\username\Tools\Rsync\ssh.exe" -o StrictHostKeyChecking=no -i "/cygdrive/D/Users/username/Tools/Rsync/.Keyfiles/username/ssh2_strato_username" username@sftp.hidrive.strato.com:"/public/updates"


Windows 2008 RC2 + CopSSH + SFTP + Routrek Granados


Ok a little background on what I am currently trying to achieve, I have a windows application that needs updated dlls from a certain location which is in a DMZ, so I thought why not let the application SFTP the dlls down to itself, the security policies for the DMZ requires using SFTP.

I have setup an SFTP service on a Windows 2008 Server RC2, the service is CopSSH. I have used the control panel to activate my users, the user I am currently testing on is using the Linux shell and SFTP option, with just password authentication.

This configuration has been tested with FileZilla to connect and copy files, which is all good.

Help with automating SFTP download with a script

Let me first start out by saying I know VERY little about unix, let alone how to script in it.

I suspect that this is something very simple for someone who knows what they are doing, but I am lost!

I have to download files from a remote SFTP site which does not allow Windows clients to connect. I had to download CopSSh in order to connect with them. I am able to connect using CopSSH when manually typing in the commands, but I would like to create a batch/script to automate this. The commands that I need to do are:

After it connects I am given a warning which I must type yes

  • yes <enter>
  • password <enter>
  • get _______ <enter>

that's pretty much it. If anyone could help me with the syntax here, that would be greatly appreciated.


Folders created via SFTP don't inherit parent's permissions

When I create a new folder in Windows, it inherits its parent's permissions by default, with no custom permissions on the new folder at all. When I create a new folder via SFTP (via CopSSH), it seems to copy the parent's permissions to the new folder, plus adding a few things (CREATOR OWNER, CREATOR GROUP). I would like SFTP to behave the same as Windows in this regard. Any new folders should simply inherit their parent's permissions without copying them to the new item.

CopSSH 3.1.1

Windows 2008 Server 64-bit

Transfer speed odd behaviour



I am usung COPSSH (Version 1.4.6 - July 2008) in windows XP. I am noticing a very strange behaviour.


The transfer speed while using SFT is normally about 350 KB/s but when I log onto the windows machine that has copSSH install the speed dramtically drops to 10 KB/s or so. If stop using the machine at some point it will regain the fast speed rate and it will drop as soon as i touch the keyboard or mouse.


I have already checked that the CPU, Memory or anything else was OK. I checked the network status... and I have tested this with other machines. I can reproduce that consitently.


Any hint?


Thank you.

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