Copssh - Free Personal Edition

Copssh Personal Edition allows you to set up a free SSH/SFTP server for personal use.

Copssh FAQs or Copssh user forum are available for help.

ITeF!x provides a commercial version of Copssh with more functionality and features.


Copssh Free

Personal Edition


Size: 14.7 MB

MD5: d41994ba63d9e77752c8d404775d1f59

SHA256: 856c52415f7af324a6994f6424ab1f384751f07f6dfc74b4613aa299508478fe

PGP Signature - Our PGP public key is available here.

Version info:

Copssh 4.9.1

OpenSSH 6.6p1

Cygwin 1.7.29

OpenSSL 1.0.1g