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check_ad with support for localized Windows and more...

Check_ad version 1.5 introduces a configuration file to configure localized output from dcdiag and netdiag tools. A new option --dfsr can be used to specify that Sysvol replications are done via DFS instead of FRS. Check_ad gives now a more proper explanation when member checks fails on Windows 2008 systems due to non-availability of the netdiag tool.

Adolsign with lookup capability

Adolsign 2.1 is now available with a new lookup directive for conditional fields. This capability allows you to replace values in Active Directory by values in lookup tables defined in the configuration file. A flexible way to support multi-language initials, titles and many more. Example:

Winrpe 3.0.3 fixes service start problems

WINRPE - A yet another Nagios NRPE Agent for Windows
Version 3.0.3 - April 2011


 1. BUG FIX - Service doesn't start due to account/group information

    Version 3.0.2 was supposed to solve that problem. However, a glitch
    caused this not to happen. The installer creates and runs the batch
    file "bin/winrpe_make_pwdgrp.cmd" for proper population of etc/passwd
    and etc/group files. That batch file can be reused for repopulation
    of related files in the case service account change.

Cwrsync with Rsync 3.0.8 and other updated binaries

cwRsync - Rsync client and server for Windows
Version 4.1.0 - April 2011


 1. UPDATED - Rsync 3.0.8
    See for more detailed info.

Nagwin 1.1 with Perl, Net-SNMP and more plugins


Perl: There are many Nagios addons and plugins dependent on Perl availability. Nagwin contains now a  standard distribution of Perl 5.10 enhanced with the following modules:

Win32::ChangeNotify, Win32::Clipboard, Win32::Console, Win32::Event, Win32::EventLog,  Win32::File, Win32::FileSecurity, Win32::IPC, Win32::Internet, Win32::Job, Win32::Mutex,  Win32::NetAdmin, Win32::NetResource, Win32::ODBC, Win32::OLE, Win32::PerfLib, Win32::Pipe,  Win32::Process, Win32::Registry, Win32::Semaphore, Win32::Service, Win32::Shortcut,  Win32::Sound, Win32::TieRegistry, Win32::WinError, Win32API::File, Win32API::Net, Win32API::Registry

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